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Our solution has been tested by external voluntary testers since April 2021. The production has been started and components are being sourced. We are currently taking orders and make reservations from the backorder. The estimated delivery date is December 1, 2021. We expect to sell out before that time, so it is important to order as soon as possible to secure your starter kit. The world is currently lacking microchips and the situation is not expected to improve for the next two years. It is therefore impossible to guarantee when the subsequent production series will start if you miss this one.

We are sorry that we are out of stock at the moment. Due to the waiting time, we will for a limited period include the Restricted Speed feature RS in the starter kit for free (value $30). Pay today for this offer. The reservation is valid by pre-paying $50.

Content of the starter kit

The starter kit contains everything needed to implement the system on a small layout. It includes trackers for four locomotives and magnets for approximately 20 meters of track. You are provided with a license to use the Trainiac and Miminiac applications. With them, you can implement as many virtual signals as you want and let the virtual engine drivers control the locomotives. The locomotives will then be able to approach the signals and brake automatically. Included is also one control device and necessary cables.

To operate the system you will need either a smartphone and a wifi-router with one spare LAN port or a computer and a network switch with one spare LAN port. It is preferred to have a computer for the installation process. Your smartphone and computer must have a recently updated web browser. The Digikeijs DR5000 can be configured as a wifi-router and have the Trainiac device connected directly to its LAN port.

Your command station must have either a LocoNet or XpressNet connection or be one of the following supported devices: Märklin CS2/CS3, Roco/Fleischmann Z21, Digikeijs DR5000 (using Z21 protocol) and ESU Ecos 50200. Please contact us and require support for other command stations.

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Gift certificates and extra discount

If you are not ready to buy a Railmagic system right now you can still help both us and yourself. We offer gift certificates for $10 and add an extra 20% free of charge such that the value becomes $12. Consider this to be a kind of crowdfunding. You can buy as many gift certificates as you like to increase your future savings. Another benefit is that it enables us to hire more people and get the development time down, all in your best interest.

Buy as many gift certificates as you want. You can save them for the future or use them to pay for the remaining of the reserved starter kit to obtain a huge discount.