We have compared our solution with traditional computer control to highlight the differences. And if this is not enough to convince you, we further take a look at the saving you can expect.

Computer control delays the completion of your layout because it adds a lot of planing and work to be done. The location of track sections must be well planned and hundreds of wires must be connected. And have you already started to build your layout, it is almost impossible to post-install occupancy detectors.


Instant gratification

Railmagic can be installed at any time in the layout building process. Just attach the magnets underneath the baseboard. The location of signals, block sections etc. can be decided later in the software irrespectively of where the magnets are located. You should be able to start to take advantage of train automation in one evening.

Occupancy detectors sense the current consumption and work best when the locomotive is pulling the train. Wagons must be modified to draw current if they are pushed in front of the locomotive.


Pushing wagons

Our solution uses trackers to know the exact position of the locomotives. You can easily tell the system the length of wagons in front of a locomotive. The system then stops the locomotive in front of signals by an offset equal to the length of the wagons, such that the leading wagon stops exactly where the signal is.

What about the price?

Not only do we believe our solution is far better than traditional computer control, but we also believe it is cheaper. We have done a simple estimation of the saving for three different layout sizes. Bear in mind that it is like comparing apples and bananas. The cost of traditional computer control depends mainly on the number of track sections whereas it is the number of locomotives that counts for our solution. For this estimation, the layout has 3-4 track sections per locomotive and each track section utilizes two occupancy detector channels (necessary for stopping at the end of the track section).

Small layout

4 locomotives / 16 tracks

2Digitrax BDL168, 16 channels$300
1Train controller bronze$154
Total for computer control$454
1Trainiac including license$140
Total for Railmagic$262

Saving $192

Medium layout

20 locomotives / 64 tracks

8Digitrax BDL168, 16 channels$1,200
1Train controller silver$474
Total for computer control$1,674
1Trainiac including license$140
Total for Railmagic$493

Saving $1,181

Large layout

60 locomotives / 256 tracks

32Digitrax BDL168, 16 channels$4,800
1Train controller gold$699
Total for computer control$5,499
2Trainiacs including license$250
Total for Railmagic$1,097

Saving $4,402

Computer control only works if the computer can track the movement of the trains continuously, and therefore the entire layout must have occupancy detectors installed. Consequently, the initial investment is large.


Incremental commitment

Our solution uses inexpensive magnets on the layout and you can choose to fit only some of your locomotives with trackers. We provide access to our software at a low cost and sell additional features separately.

Occupancy detectors and control software are developed by independent manufacturers. Therefore the hardware manufacturers only get compensated by the initial purchase and the price is consequently high. Further, there is no one responsable for the integrated user experience and it can be difficult to know where to start.


Integrated solution

As we provide the entire solution we aim for an integrated user experience. We provide the hardware at a reduced price and offer individual features in the software. You only pay for what you need and we only get compensated, if we deliver quality in the long run.

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