On this page, we will post guidelines and details about the installation and usage of the Railmagic system. You will also find a draft of the documentation further below.

Integration with command stations

Before investing in our solution please spend a moment to determine how it will integrate with your command station. The control device must be able to send instructions to your command station and does this either by LocoNet, XpressNet or Ethernet. For Ethernet it is important to understand that only the following command stations will work: Märklin CS2/CS3, Roco/Fleischmann Z21, Digikeijs DR5000 (Z21 protocol only) and ESU Ecos 50200. Please contact us and require support for other command stations.

Integration with boosters

When the size of a model railway layout increases, at some point boosters will be needed to increase the power available for the locomotives. As the control device is inserted between the command station output and the tracks, you may have been wondering how it works with boosters. Railmagic has been designed such that one additional control device is inserted between the booster output and the tracks. Each control device is responsible for the locomotives belonging to its tracks. When a locomotive is travelling from one control device to another, the control devices automatically hand over the control process. The beauty of this is the natural scaling of the Railmagic system. Each control device can monitor 16 moving locomotives.

In order to ensure that the transfer of responsibility is smooth, the track which connects the two different power districts must be double isolated. This means that a piece of the track longer than the trains must be isolated at each end. We are aware that some people divide their power districts into “westbound/eastbound” traffic and therefore have many locations at stations with power district crossing. We suggest that entire stations use the same power district and that the power district crossing happens at the main lines. At the main lines should be plenty of track to ensure a smooth crossing. We are going to provide a piece of electronics called the Layouter that will switch the power to the track piece between the two power districts. Until the Layouter becomes available, boosters will not be supported.

Getting started – video programme

Our application is still undergoing large changes and the user manual is consequentially only a draft. The following video programme was created to guide the voluntary testers on how to get started. Use it to find inspiration and understand how the system is installed and operated. Some of the content will be superseded when the final product is released.

The newest user manual can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF symbol.

Application >Settings > Locomotive configuration

Application > Settings > Mimaniac
Application > Operation > Mimaniac > Measure tracks
Application > Operation
Application > Operation > Create signals