Our vision

I see that people are struggling to achieve confidence in their digital control systems. Too many bits, bytes and CVs. Jumping into the computer-controlled universe is for some a small step – but for most a giant leap. Railmagic aims for simplification by creating an integrated solution of hardware, software and features.”

– Founder & CEO, Ulrik Qvist Kristiansen


Railmagic was founded in 2016 on the idea to use magnets as fixed reference points for a model railway positing system. The first two years were spend on research to find the perfect technologies necessary to implement the idea. Twice has Railmagic been granted federal funding for the research carried out in a professional manner. The founder holds a master’s degree in electronics and is a specialist in signal processing – the art of gathering sensor inputs, processing them and finally control outputs of a system. A perfect match for a model railway control system.

Time to rethink

For 40 years, digital control has evolved by adding small pieces of new functionality on the top, but the foundation has meanwhile turned obsolete. It is time to rethink the entire digital approach. Railmagic is backwards compatible but incorporates functionality to prepare for the future. But we wouldn’t get there without your support. Show us your trust and we will over the next couple of years introduce new user-friendly products beyond imagination.

Virtual engine driver

Why on earth are we as modellers supposed to handle multiple trains, when a real engine driver is fully occupied by driving only one? This has given rise to the concept of virtual engine drivers. In the simplest form, you can drive a locomotive manually from your command station, and with one click let the control being taken over by a virtual engine driver. You are when able to move on to the next job waiting.

The concept is also the main cause allowing easier train automation. You can keep the role as the signalman and control turnouts from your command station as usually. Add the signals to your control panel and you are as close to real-life as possible. The beauty is, that you have omitted the complexity of traditional computer control.

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