The problem

Digital control of model railways was supposed to put an end to the wire harness known for analog control. The opposite happened due to computer control and train automation has never been more complex than today.

With our solution, digital control finally means two wires only.

Rising enjoyment

Train automation is a great way to improve the model railway hobby. It allows you to relax and run a lot more trains at the same time. It gives you time to enjoy the scenery, prepare new trains for departure, sip some coffee or simply handle a derailment.


The solutions for train automation are costly and complex. They often involve a huge amount of electronics and requires engineering skills to program the control software. They are hardly possible to install after the layout has been built because they require all track sections to be electrical isolated for the track occupancy detectors to function.


In Railmagic we have designed a solution that changes the approach for train automation entirely. Instead of using occupancy detectors that can just sense when trains pass from one track section into another, we continuously monitor the position of all trains. We have replaced the necessity for occupancy detection on the layout by a small price of electronics in the locomotive. In the future this will simply be an integrated part of the decoder.

Consider that

The most critical decision to make when planning to build a model railway is whether to prepare it for computer control. This crucial decision replaces the simple two-wire only digital control topology with an insane complexity. The completion of your layout might be delayed by years due to track isolation and wiring of occupancy detectors.

You are about to discover a solution that requires no drilling, cutting or wiring and easily can be added to an existing model railway.